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November 7, 2009

ROB is not all about Vanity

Well I think not.  Vanity according to my dictionary Webster’s dictionary is worthless or useless.  I know I was taking it literally, and even if it was about his appearance, abilities and all that shizz, I still believe he was not that interested.  The pictures of him looking scruffy and disoriented and all with the dandruff, misplaced buttons, unmade shoelaces and all prove it.  But it doesn’t matter because that made him more likable, him being not that worked-up on having to look presentable…being no one but himself.

But I wasn’t talking about that vanity…lol, but this Vanity Fair.


(Just look at that smoldering stare, I’m surprised those light bulbs did not burst into shame, he’s definitely brighter than them!)


(Oh scruffy Rob in bed, post or pre?  No matter which phase it is, one thing is for sure, if this was in my bed…it will be verrry long.)


(Hah! Cleaning his teeth like there’s not a camera flashing in front of him.  I don’t think this is planned.  Sooo normal.)


(Oh no…If I ever see my husband standing in our porch looking all pissed and serious…I would definitely come crawling on my knees…my knees.)

See what am saying?  Though this shoot from Bruce Weber was definitely styled and ‘directed’ my britboy, alright, our britboy was definitely as scruffy and as himself as he can be.

Visit Vanity Fair for the rest of the pictures.  By the way, those were the outtakes, and might I just add, outtakes usually looks incredible than the ones they publish.

Or buy the black and white/the hardcopy/the porn what ever you may want to call it.  Here’s the cover…






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