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November 11, 2009

My first behind the scene look

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Okay, so I’ve been keeping away from behind the scenes and all that videos of New Moon, after they (Summit) decided to give out a lot, and I mean a lot of trailers/spots…I am proud to say, I’ve been spoiler free for so long, even my NM calendar and Book Companion was safely tucked until now in my bookshelf, afraid that if I ogle on them I’d get pieces of the movie that I still don’t want to know–yeah, as if I still don’t know what’s going to happen.  Anyway, this down here was my first ever bts look, yes, I dared.  Well its fairly short and I’ve already seen this trailer over and over, so I guess it won’t hurt.  So go ahead and have a look too, it’s Bella’s birthday party at the Cullen’s.

Video was from MTV

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Well, as usual, I can’t seem to embed it and youtube doesn’t have it…and argh, I got tempted instead to watch the trailer presented in MTV:Ulalume (?), anyway, click on this link to see the behind the scenes, and watch the video down there of the finish product. It’s a bit spoiler for me, so spoiler alert


November 7, 2009

And the press interviews flow…overflow

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From Justbiteplease

Robert Pattinson doesn’t need to show his six-pack, the star joked with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson at the “New Moon” junket in Los Angeles on Friday.

“I don’t walk around with my shirt off all the time!” he joked, poking fun at the often bare-chested “New Moon” wolf pack. “It’s like driving a fancy car – you’re insecure about something.”

Robert, who plays vampire hunk Edward, said he’s more worried about his famous hair.

“I’ve actually just got rid of my dandruff, which is great,” he laughed.

Jokes aside, Robert was serious when it came to “New Moon,” where he takes a secondary role to Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black.

“It’s my favorite book,” he said, adding that the Stephenie Meyer novel influenced how he approached his performance in the rest of the “Twilight Saga” series as well. “I really connected to [it] really quickly.

“It think it’s an improvement [on ‘Twilight’],” he continued, noting that he was able to make some changes to Edward’s character, being out of the spotlight. “It was nice not being the lead.”

Less nice however, has been dealing with the tabloid rumors that seem to crop up every day, including one that linked Robert to a traffic accident.

“I may have just walked into a cab,” Robert explained. “That was so innocuous – there were no fans there. It was 4:30 in the morning.”

But it was another movie set rumor that scared his dear old mum.

“I had a heroin overdose in New York as well, that was an exciting one for my mother,” he said of another false report. “I’d been working so much, I didn’t answer the phone. I’m so ignorant. I don’t think it had set in that anyone read [the tabloids].”

And while he wouldn’t comment on the rumors swirling about the status of his relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart, Robert did answer an Access fan question about dating older women.

“I’m open to pretty much anything,” he said.

Read it over at Access Hollywood

Another press interview footage, this one is from E!, from ThatTwilightSagGirl2

Enjoy ’em!



Rob talks about New Moon

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Rob looks so pretty and relaxed in an interview in the set of New Moon. He talked about the role he’s reprising as Edward, the birthday scene, the Volturi, working with the new director Chris Weitz and dealing with the fans in the set.

I love Rob in a white tee (pants or no pants–>probably more if no pants) and I really like it that he can’t seem to stop his fingers from touching his eyebrows (and hair, of course).

Video was from Twilightbritneyfan1

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